If you’re reading this blog you may have already met me, but if you haven’t please let me introduce myself. My name is Alex Lancashire and I am the Managing Director at icLighting. 

For some time now, we’ve beeen meaning to start a blog where we can document the many aspects of LED lighting, and since we’re in the last half of 2017 and we’ve already waited 5 years, now is a better time to start than any. 

We’ve decided to include a mix of honest opinions, industry news, market trends, case studies and thought pieces to provide a library of information. You’ll get to know us, keep up to date and hopefully find out how to benefit from energy saving LED lighting. 

FWIW (For What It’s Worth) – A phrase I use a lot… 

As part of these blogs, I will always add my “two pennies worth”, giving my honest opinion on products, technology and the market based on my knowledge and experience in the industry. I am hoping these will provide some honest insight, some relatable circumstances or just a bit of a laugh (mostly at my expense). 

Today’s FWIW

“Quickly made, quickly fade..!” One of my sayings in the office.. you can’t touch quality only experience it.

Quality first, naturally leads to value – not the other way round. We’ve spent many hours researching and getting to know the product market to ensure we have the high quality products to give you the best value for money. 

Say Hello… 

I’m always up for a good discussion, so if you would like to know more about our LED solutions, or just want to have a chat, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.