Technical documentation library

IES and LDT photometric specification sheets, plus Relux, Dialux and MacAdam ellipse files

We are the UK’s leading supplier of full scope LED lighting solutions, including intelligent lighting, world-leading luminaires and specialist emergency and ATEX applications. As UK authorised distributors of CREE, Di-Astrum, Teknoware and more, this page details technical specifications for some of our most popular lights. We are also able to build bespoke solutions sourcing unique and custom-made fittings from hand-selected manufacturers. 

Spec sheets and other information documents are correct at time of sourcing from supplier but are used at customer’s risk. Accuracy and relevance should be confirmed with IcLighting or the supplier before purchase or installation.

Key documentation

icLighting Ltd Certificate – Carbon Trust – issued August 2016
icLighting IP Ratings Codes
icLighting IK Ratings Codes
ATEX Guide – Labelling of exposion proof equipment (2018)










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