Street lighting and car parks

We are experienced specialists in street and high mast lighting solutions, supplying to businesses, local authorities and agencies across the UK. Speak to us for:

the longest warranty periods available anywhere in the UK
LED lights guaranteed to last at least twice the lifetime (L70 rating) of non-LED installations
dark sky compliance, meeting new government regulations
the best customer care, from first inquiry to installation and aftercare

Street and car park lighting

For the finest range of street lights worldwide, we’re the UK’s authorised CREE distributor and the only CREE distributor within the M25.

In the UK CREE’s world-leading street lighting solutions include major installations at IKEA Wembley and the Ford plant in Worley. The XSPR range and the rest of CREE’s lights are all available on order from us.

For councils and local authority projects, we perform tenders and site surveys applicable to all UMS charge codes (previously known as UMSUG). Our network of suppliers, agents and distributors can reach any part of the UK.

Best-selling CREE street lights

Bespoke solutions and designs

We are a full-solution provider of street and car park lighting, from our in-house design team to our professional installers. Find out more about our 3D design service and our bespoke solutions.

Industrial parks, shopping centres, commercial car parks and more – we can install in any location in the UK. Contact our experienced surveyors for information.

A recent CREE installation in Los Angeles (before and after) – we stock the lights used here. They saved the city $10m/yr.

Spot the difference – our solution providing bright, even car park lighting next to some of the old lights.