Why Di-Astrum LED lighting?

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Di-Astrum manufactures a wealth of high quality LED lights.

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Di-Astrum have produced a range of commercially viable
fixtures and fittings to suit all kinds of environments. Updating from traditional lighting systems to
more energy efficient LED options can be achieved even on a budget.

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Di-Astrum Warranty
Peace of mind for 5 years.


IP20/44/65/66/67 Rated
Protection from solid objects and water ingress.

Dimming Option
Energy saving when required.

PIR Control Option
Security and energy saving.

DALI Option
Comply to International Standard IEC 62386.

Made for switching on and off as needed
No need for 24/7 lighting. Allowing not only energy saving but also extending the LED lifespan.

Use less power than conventional lights
Reduce carbon emissions.

Low Heat Emissions
Ideal for refrigerated areas, chiller, freezers etc.

No UV or IR in light beam – No mercury, toxic gases or hazardous materials
Safer than conventional lights. Ideal for C.C.T.V. providing higher definition and illumination.

Instant-on capability
Achieves full light intensity in a fraction of a second even at very low temperatures, no re-strike time delay, ideal as safety lights that can be triggered by an occupancy sensor.

125W LED can replace up to 400W conventional light source
Energy savings of up to 70% if in use 24/7 and even more if switched off or dimmed.