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In order to provide every business with uncompromising performance and a payback on their lighting upgrade, Cree has perfected their LED lighting solution to be one of the best on the market.
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Changing the way we light the world

Traditional lighting has been slowly phased out over the recent years in favour of a versatile, energy-efficient, environmental friendly alernative – LED lighting. LED lighting from Cree can either deliver a warm, traditional light suitable for that traditional feel or a cooler, more comtempory white light for an effective work environment, ensuring that no application or ambience is comprimised.


Compared with CFLs, Cree® LEDs not only look more natural, they also produce a higher amount of lumens per watt, improving efficacy.

Light Quality

The quality of a Cree® LED light is second-to-none, deigned to blend seamlessly with any architecture. The design of the diffuser and reflector system allows for optimal light distribution.

So reliable, you may never have to change it again.

Cree® LED Lighting products are designed to last as long as 100,000 hours. This incredible longevity means that you may never change another light again.


  The Cree LED lighting range have L70 rating of 100,000 hours. Typically, this is 50 times the life of a indandescent lighting source. If you ran one Cree LED Lamp for 6 hours per day, every day, it would last for nearly 23 years.


  Driven by their expert engineers and knowledge of the technology, Cree has designed a range of products suitable for a many environments utilising the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, quality lighting technology today.


  Cree® LED Lighting products carry a warranty that covers the broadest time and product range in the industry. They’re warranted for 10 years, or Cree will replace it. That’s the legal commitment.

Cree TrueWhite® Techhnology

The CREE True White range offers guaranteed CRI (Colour rendering index) of of >0.9 – the closest possible rate to natural sunlight.

All LED lights appear to ‘age’ as the sulphur compounds on the embedded chip yellow over time, reducing the CRI to industry standard levels of 0.7-0.9. Using patented technology available nowhere else in the world, CREE’s True White range features a red chip which automatically increases in power every year, balancing out the yellowing to maintain your light’s brilliant >0.9 CRI output. For the most demanding applications, we recommend the CREE True White range including:

  • Premium retail areas including shopfronts
  • Parking areas, petrol stations, forecourst and canopies
  • Secruity sensitive installations

Calculate My Savings

Estimate the savings and payback for your own projects using our Payback Calculator. This tool allows you to customize costs to your specific operations while calculating up to three different lighting applications together in one project estimate.

Why Choose Cree LED Lighting

Flexibility of design

Modular construction enables us to design the most optimum and efficient light designs for you. Delivering the illumination required to be provided in difficult spaces – stairwells, platforms, exits and walkways.

IP66/67 rated

Protection against dust and water ingress, fully jet washable if required, internal or external applications.

Solid-state device

Able to withstand constant shock, vibration and impact resistant.

No toxic gases or hazardous materials

Safer than conventional lights and ideal for C.C.T.V. providing higher definition and illumination.

Save Energy

125W LED can replace up to 400W conventional light source – Energy savings of up to 70% if in use 24/7 and even more if switched off or dimmed.


A large majority of Cree products exceed 100,000 hours to a minimum of L70. Less than 1% per year. No sudden failure or burnouts requiring emergency call-outs.

Low Heat Emissions 

Ideal for refrigerated areas, chiller, freezers etc.

Switch on & off

No need for 24/7 lighting, which combined with energy management systems, the LED lifespan is extended far in excess of the Cree 10 year warranty.

Instant-on capability

Achieves full light intensity in a fraction of a second even at very low temperatures, no re-strike time delay, ideal as safety lights that can be triggered by an occupancy sensor.


Save on energy when not needed, dim lights to 50% and you directly save 50% energy.

Dark Sky Compliant

No light pollution with daylight harvesting capability. We put the illumination where you want it with our patented NanoOptic¨ LED lenses.

Controllable light direction

Cuts light spill and means fewer fixtures are needed resulting in reduced capital and energy costs with improved light uniformity.

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