Site Surveys

Professional Site Surveys Carried Out By Our Expert Engineers

Let Our Men Do The Hard Work

To get your LED lighting project started, we will come to your site and carry out a full survey*. One of our friendly engineers will check your current lighting levels and confirm whether or not these are meeting the CIBSE standard for the applicaton.

They will then plan out where your existing fittings are placed, and advise if these are in the most optimum posititon, which will influence whether we recommend replacing your existing fittings on a one-for-one basis or adjusting the positions on installation.

The engineer, if this information hasn’t been given already, will also gather all information required to produce a full energy savings quotation along with a full lighting design, providing you with an easy to understand proposal.

*Due to the nature of the projects we specialise in, we always recommend carrying out a full site survey as each applicaton has its own individual demands. However, if you have a simple, or smaller project, or would just like our professional experts to recommend alternative LED options to your current fittings, please call or send us an email and we’ll be very happy to provide our other services remotely.

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To arrange an appointment with one of our engineers, please either contact us on 01780 435002 or fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

Please include as much information about your lighting project and what you are hoping to achieve.