Funding, ROI, grants, loans and cashback for your LED installations

Funding, grants, loans and more for LED installations


LED lighting is designed to save you money almost immediately, with the average installation paying for itself within two and a half years and saving you up to 40% on energy bills each year afterwards. With five or ten year guarantees on all our lights and 120,000+ hour ratings, you know your savings will be significant.

UK grants available for LED installations

Carbon Trust grants provide up to 15% off your retrofit, energy-saving installation, potentially giving you thousands of pounds off. But this reduced level was introduced in August 2017  and many suppliers are no longer able to offer the previous 30-35% grants, but as a registered Carbon Trust supplier we still have a limited number available in selected areas. Contact us now to find out if you qualify.


Low Carbon Workspaces is a network of local grants supported by central and local government which offers funding solutions of up to 33% (to a maximum of £5,000) off selected installation in many local authorities. It’s a valuable scheme which can save you a significant amount, but it is an increasingly complex funding environment and the level of support you are entitled to depends on where you are and what your scheme involves. We automatically test all our projects against the Low Carbon Workspaces criteria so our experienced lighting consultants will tell you straight away if you meet the thresholds.

Enhanced Capital Allowances provide a method for you to offset the capital cost of an energy saving solution (whether new or retrofit) against your first year’s profit, so you don’t have to wait four to five years as you usually do to see the benefit. Businesses of any size will benefit from our free valuations.

Bespoke funding solutions, rentals and EPCs

If your project doesn’t fit the criteria for a grant or you need additional support, our bespoke funding solutions offer an enhanced rate on leases over four to five years. You pay for your lights using the savings you’re accruing by switching to LEDs, so there’s no financial hit.

We are also happy to offer flexible rentals and leasing arrangements as well as energy performance contracts (EPC’s) with guaranteed savings via a suitable commercial arrangement. Please enquire for more information. Whatever your financial situation we have a package to help you generate savings from day one.

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