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    Teknoware Aalto Control

    Wireless central monitoring for self-contained emergency and exit lights.

    Aalto Control provides a wireless central monitoring for self-contained lights. There is no need to connect the luminaires with data cables. The only requirement is that each individual luminaire has a local power supply, like any standard self-contained light. All the benefits of the self-contained lights are preserved, and each luminare functions independently.

    Installation is simple, and the luminaires can be easily positioned, even during renovations. Each luminaire is a node, receiving and transmitting the signal to other luminaires. The signal penetrates normal walls, doors and floors easily, and climbs stairways. The network is used only for collecting information and does not affect the operation of the luminaires. For this reason, Aalto Control is as robust and resistant to failures as any other self-contained light system. Aalto Control lights always include Lumi Test. Product codes of Aalto Control lights end in letter A.

    The new Aalto Control 4.0 enables Central remote monitoring through several Aalto Wireless / Ethernet Coordinators (Max 30 pcs), from one location.

    Typical Applications

    • Emergency and Atex