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    LED ultra-slim fixture 600x600 and 1200x300 mm. LED sources warm white 3000K and neutral white 4000K. Emission direct diffused. Excellent uniformity and visual comfort and high performance with energy saving >50%. 600x600 fixture, possible to recess without accessories in panelled 600x600 visible-structure false ceilings.

    For both versions (600x600 and 1200x300) and with proper accessories to be ordered separately, the fixtures can be installed:

    • recessed in plasterboard by clips
    • recessed by gravity on aluminium profile to be levelled
    • surface mounted on ceiling
    • suspended
    • suspended in straight or oblique continuous line.

    The fixture and its accessories are exposed to a series of severe tests in order to ensure the security of the facilities where these are installed. The accessories should always be associated uniquely to the original The Panel products. In any case of improper usage the warranty shall be considered terminated and responsibility of Novalux excluded.


    Frame made of aluminium alloy, white powder coated. Opal high-transmittance and uniform luminance diffuser.


    All versions are complete with L=150mm cable for separated power supply, electronic stabilized driver 24Vdc to be ordered separately. The electrical connection between two portions of LED strip, has to be performed by soldering the conductors. The uncut strips IP65 (integral length) guaranted IP65 protection index. For the cut pieces of strips, the installer is responsible for restoring the insulation conditions.

    Products Available

    • The Panel 600x600mm
    • The Panel 1200x300mm
    • Lumens
      3000K - 4000K

    Spec Sheets

    More information and downloads (from manufacturer's website)

    Spec sheets and other information documents were correct at time of sourcing from supplier but are used at customer's risk. Accuracy and relevance should be confirmed with IcLighting or the supplier before purchase or installation.