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    LED strip supplied in reels of 5m. Available versions: warm white 3000K, neutral white 4000K, blue, RGB or RGB+WHITE with IP20 or IP65 degree of protection (with flexible silicone coating).


    Flexible PCB with laminated copper. 3M adhesive tape.


    Power supply cable L = 150mm included, electronic stabilized driver 24Vdc (to be ordered separately). The electrical connection between two portions of LED strips has to be performed by soldering the conductors.

    Products Available

    • Strip LED CRI95 IP20 23,4W/m flexible
    • Strip LED IP20 23W/m flexible
    • Strip LED IP20 19,2W/m flexible
    • Strip LED IP65 19,2W/m flexible
    • Strip LED IP20 14,4W/m flexible
    • Strip LED IP65 14,4W/m flexible
    • Strip LED BLUE IP20 14,4W/m flexible
    • Strip LED BLUE IP65 14,4W/m flexible
    • Strip LED IP20 RGB+WHITE (3000K) flexible FULL
    • Lumens
      3000K - 4000K

    Spec Sheets

    More information and downloads (from manufacturer's website)

    Spec sheets and other information documents were correct at time of sourcing from supplier but are used at customer's risk. Accuracy and relevance should be confirmed with IcLighting or the supplier before purchase or installation.