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    LED IP67 fixture, drive-over MAX 1000Kg of static load. Suitable also for recessed installation in concrete wall. LED sources warm white 3000K or neutral white 4000K. Emission: grazing light.


    Body made of anodized aluminium alloy, upper cap made of aluminium, finished by antioxidant cataphoresis and powder coated; LED module entirely resin soaked, transparent optical; housing box made of polyethylene to be ordered separately (compulsory accessory).


    Integrated electronic 220-240V 50/60Hz driver.

    Products Available

    • Drive mini LED single beam emission,
    • Lumens
      3000K - 4000K

    Spec Sheets

    Download data sheet (3000K)
    Download data sheet (4000K)
    More information and downloads (from manufacturer's website)

    Spec sheets and other information documents were correct at time of sourcing from supplier but are used at customer's risk. Accuracy and relevance should be confirmed with IcLighting or the supplier before purchase or installation.