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    Di-Astrum Galaxy Panel

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    The Di-Astrum 2,500-3,500 Lumen Galaxy LED Panel is a flexible luminaire for office environments. Utilising special diffuser material for optimum diffusion and efficiency.

    Typical Applications

    • Offices and Indoor Communal Areas

    Product Features

    • 5 Year Di-ASTRUM Warranty
    • Compatible with icCONTROL Wireless Control System
    • Replacement for: Ceiling grid panel fittings
    • Replacement for: 600 x 600 Fluorescent ceiling panel fittings: IP20 Protection Rating
    • 32W, 42W
    • 220 - 270 V AC
    • Emergency options available, dimming, PIR control & DALI
    • 4.000K, 5.000K colour temperatures