Energy saving and LED sustainability

It’s well known that LED lights save you up to 66% on your energy costs immediately. But you may not appreciate the huge range of wider sustainability benefits offered by modern LED lighting.

High quality solutions like ours benefit from our five- and ten-year guarantees, backed by multi-billion dollar manufacturers. Yet they rarely need replacing in any case, at a typical failure rate of less than 5% that of conventional sodium lights or first-generation LED lights. A well-designed, modular and intelligent lighting solution easily saves you tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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“Despite seeing the projected figures I was astonished when my electricity bill came in at over £3000 less than last month.”
Michael Hicks, Finance Director at DB Schenker

“We haven’t had to do any maintenance of the LED lighting in the last 5 years since we’ve been working with icLighting. Before that we were having to change bulbs every two months.”
Rengasamy Balakrishnan, Electrical Manager, ICGL

“The ruggedly built, solid state lights are highly robust. So not only do we get the energy saving, we’ll have no more expensive maintenance and dark patches to contend with. Not just that, the maintenance task, its associated disruption and cost have gone for good, so in the longer term the LEDs are cheaper in both energy and maintenance.”
Nick Jones, Seacourt Tennis Club

We also offer significant capital cost savings through our Carbon Trust, Low Carbon Workspaces and ECA schemes.

Modular LED lighting

With our modular solutions you can quickly rectify failures and upgrade your lighting at the same time.

Modern LED lighting is controlled by ‘drivers’, small in-built chipsets that dynamically power and control your lighting products. Fluorescent lighting and, unfortunately, many imported LED lights place significant demands on these drivers, leading to whole-light failures which can be expensive to rectify. All our LED products are powered by the latest drivers cased separately from the lights themselves, in hinged compartments, so they can be rapidly and affordably swapped over as required.

Our modular solutions also allow you to change and upgrade drivers to accommodate the latest technologies in dimming and energy saving, without having to replace entire lights and fittings. Councils and local government authorities often require modular designs so contact us for the latest expert advice, whatever your project.

Lumens vs Luminaire Lumens

Some LED suppliers quote ‘lumen output’ when advertising lights. However, this refers to the light level supplied to the light by the chip when it is switched on. It does not necessarily mean the level of light you receive. Cheap casings, old bulbs or poor connections all reduce the actual, observed, ‘luminaire light level’.

Two lights at client

One of our new lights, next to an existing customer fitting – ours consumes half the power

When speaking to a lighting supplier, only enquire about the luminaire lumens delivered by their lights, so you can ensure the light as a whole, fittings included, is made to a high quality. Our lighting solutions offer up to 110 luminaire lumens per watt input, a massive improvement over traditional sodium lights and a 40% improvement over first-generation LEDs. You can achieve the same lighting effect for half the wattage (power input), as well as benefiting from the many other improvements LED lighting brings.

Intelligent lighting control

Our bespoke intelligent LED lighting solutions offer industry-leading control of your lighting for better performance and long-term savings.

Our intelligent lighting controls will forecast if your drivers are nearing replacement. But they do so much more than maintain and monitor your lighting solution. Our experts design adaptive lighting which adjusts to:

ambient conditions
Circadian rhythms
motion detectors
outside lighting conditions
the design of your office space.

Using industry-leading Bluetooth software you can group lights together into work areas, adjust colour and light output, and change your lighting layouts yourself as your business needs grow, all without having to climb a ladder or touch any of your light fittings.

Significant staff morale, health and safety benefits and major long-term savings are possible because our lighting can be adapted as your business needs change and your work space evolves. Contact our experts today for a free, bespoke quote.


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