High bay, bulkhead and area lighting solutions

Essential for  industrial, residential and commercial applications, high bay and bulkhead lights are among our most popular products. Yet the technology behind them can be complicated. 

High bay lighting refers to ceiling LED lights installed in environments more than about 6 metres high. (For lower environments, see our low bay lights). For domestic applications you need a light rated around 2,500-3,500 Kelvin, a  soft, sympathetic colour. Warehouses 7-8 metres high will need at least 4,000 Kelvin, and our maximum for the brightest conditions or warehouses up to 12 metres in height is 5,500 Kelvin.

Don’t buy lights that will fail or be prone to vandalism, or be insufficient for your needs. With our solutions, you’re guaranteed incredible performance.

A recent installation of ours in the UK using the CREE range

Did you know? Some lights are available advertised at 6,000 Kelvin and above. This will produce an extremely bright initial output which becomes painful to be around and tends to ‘burn out’ quickly. It has been known for warehouses to have to replace their lighting following staff complaints and outages. A well fitted, robust 5,500 Kelvin light will produce safe, bright, clear light and be much more sustainable.

First-generation LED lighting required at least a 400W supply to generate a significant output. Our warehouse high bay LED solutions work on around 130W with the same and often better output. Many of our lights are calibrated to fit the range seen by the naked eye, generating even more efficient results. There’s no need to compromise between quality and cost savings. Find out more about our sustainability solutions.


The gold standard in high bay LED lighting, the CREE CPY range offers unrivalled quality and performance and is our 2017 recommended high bay.


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A recent warehouse installation using our highbays


Bulkhead LEDs for stairwells and more

Required for underpasses, stairwells, walkways, tunnels and more, bulkheads are a ‘big beast’ lighting solution, robust, long-lasting and powerful. 

Good quality interior bulkheads are available for as little as £30, presenting huge cost savings on any installation at a low capital cost. (Find out more about our funding packages). In outdoor (exterior) environments you need professional aluminium fittings to avoid damage. Their IK10 rating means they are extremely robust – protection against all vandalism, corrosion and general wear and tear.

Exterior bulkheads based on pressed tins are also available – available in compact fittings, easy to replace and capable of being mounted to any wall or surface, they are ideal for mixed-use environments where vandalism is not a risk.

Contact our experts today to have us put together a bespoke solution.

Our bestselling bulkhead LED lights

These lights are available in either plastic, aluminium or (where possible) pressed tin fittings, so please enquire for details. Please note that for Atex applications (oil rigs, petrol stations and some other hazardous environments) you must employ a dedicated Atex solution.

Before and after... at Charterhouse School, SurreyBefore and after… at Charterhouse School, Surrey