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Fill in some details about your current installation to see how much you'd save with our energy efficient LED lighting.

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Detailed Quotations

Our comprenshive energy saving quotations are designed to help you make an informed decision, providing more than just project costs. Our proposals include:

  • The energy usage and costs from your existing lighting
  • Realistic maintenance costs
  • Carbon levy charges
  • Proposed lighting solution energy usage and cost
  • Full cost breakdown of our proposed solution
  • The return on investment that this will deliver

We will also provide information on possible funding solutions that may be of interest for you, making the ROI look even more attractive.

Ready to see how much you could save?

To see how much you can save, contact our team who can run through a quick calculation with just a few details from you. If you are an SME and would like to start your energy efficiency LED lighting project, we also have funding opportunities available to help with the initial cost.

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