Emergency LED lighting solutions

Don’t risk non-compliance, fines and criminal charges for your lighting installations. As accredited UK experts, we advise on installations of all types, ensuring you meet and exceed every government requirement.

Warehouses and data centres
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Don’t risk non-compliance

  • UK regulators will shut you down immediately if you don’t meet all UK requirements for lighting safety. Criminal charges can follow. The age of your assets is no excuse so don’t be next, contact us now to see if you’re compliant.
  • Your costs will multiply if you don’t select a compliant supplier who installs correctly throughout your project. Our project managers offer a full supply-and-fit solution backed up by our very valuable funding and financing assistance.
  • Regulations change frequently and you’re expected to be compliant at all times.  Read our up to date guide below for the latest regulatory notices.


2017-20 lighting regulations and requirements

Many people believe that generic requirements like HSG 38: Lighting at Work are the only regulations you need to meet. This is not true, because as of 2017 you must:

  • Ensure a minimum of 15 Lux average on all fire fighting and electrical points including distribution boards.
  • Use a supplier which can trace the origin of its lights, all of which have been triple tested. CREE do not manufacture emergency lights, so we recommend our exclusive UK range of Teknoware lights, all manufactured to world-leading standards.
  • Ensure that all points of interest in your facility meet the highest possible rating requirements. Many do not.
  • Replace batteries that may be close to failing, and this can include batteries you may not have tested for several years.
  • Make sure that evacuation routes remain visible in smoke conditions – many conventional lights are not.
  • Provide lighting of sufficient surface reflectance and colour to provide a safe installation at any time of day and meet European Esos requirements if you have over 250 employees.

Specialised ATEX installations

Oil rigs, petroleum areas and some other environments require specially-rated ATEX lights. We offer a wide range of suitable products, plus Raytec and Far Eastern Atex lights, new Teknoware lights and accessories, available on request.

95% of our customers
do not have compliant batteries
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Flood lighting sensitive areas improves safety – from a recent 2017 installation

A recent 3D render showing 16 Lux lights at points of interest