Custodial and Prison Lighting solutions

Our custodial lighting solutions are tailor-made to fit current UK government regulations, offering exceptional safety, performance and cost savings.

We fit high rated, guaranteed LED lights from CREE, Diastrum, Teknoware and others into your existing plant and assets with no operational disruption. Our energy saving LED solutions are almost maintenance-free and don’t fade or ‘pop’ as they age, instead being backed by the best five- and ten-year guarantees.  With the widest range of suppliers in the UK we can hand-select official NOMS-rated products guaranteed to be compliant with UK government regulations.

UK regulatory landscape

Custodial environments place particular demands on your plant and infrastructure, including lighting. You must:

  • Fit specialist anti-ligature lighting where required to prevent abuse or self-harm by users
  • Ensure your lighting cannot be used to cause burns or other accidents or incidents
  • Provide safe levels of lighting at night if 24/7 monitoring is required


Our bespoke solutions

Contact us now to speak in confidence to our experienced surveyors and lighting consultants about our bespoke solutions:

  • Intelligent lighting for a wide range of environments, allowing you to monitor your lights in advance and replace any that are soon to expire
  • Expert surveying and installation solutions for secure environments
  • Custom design for demanding installations, including water and fire resistance, kitchen lighting and emergency lighting