Enery Savings Calculator

Use our simple to use calculator below to find out how much energy you could save by switching to LED

See How Much You Could Save

Use the energy saving calculator to see roughly how much you could save by switching to LED lighting.

The calculator will simply calculate swapping your existing units on a one-for-one basis with the equivalent LED version to give you an approximation.

For a full, accurate, energy savings calculatrion based on a bespoke, optimised lighting design, get in touch with our advisors today.


Fill in some details about your current installation to see how much you'd save with our energy efficient LED lighting.

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Get The Most Out of Your Savings

Optimise Your Lighting

It may be beneficial to adjust your lighting layout for the best use of light and maximum energy savings depending on how the area is used. Alternatively, simply swap out all lights on a one-for-one basis to keep your installation costs lower.

Full Control

Implement full control of all your lights remotely, using our icControl Wireless System for the most efficient use of your lighting system. You can control lights individually or group them together depending your application.

Better Lighting Levels

By upgrading to LED lighting often results in better overall lighting levels and sometimes a reduced number of units are required to generate the level of light needed for your environent.

Why Choose icLighting

Experienced Design Consultants

Our experienced design consultants have fitted lighting engines, retrofit luminaries and high voltage assets across international sites. Whatever the environment, our expert consultants can help.

Architectural Solutions

Our project managers fit our lights into your existing site-wide style, matching legacy assets, listed buildings and facilities, and sensitive supply and fit installations.


Specialist Emergency Lighting

We offer the best emergency systems which meet all UK and (if relevant) London fire and safety requirements. Don’t risk a non-compliant installation. Contact us and find out what your requirements are.

Solutions for Demanding Environments

Industrial solutions for demanding environments including street layouts, signage, heavy footfall areas, water prone installations and more.

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