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Our bespoke, specialist lighting solutions are based on over 25 years’ industry-leading research, design and installation experience.
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We Offer Bespoke Fittings And Installations For Any Environment

We integrate into existing assets across the UK, including complex plant, asbestos, areas, old ceiling layouts and mixed-use areas. Our bespoke lights are individually for the purpose required, all offered with five or ten year warranties.

A Tailor-Made Service

Complete service from designs to installation and beyond, fitting your existing environment perfectly. Our experienced account managers and designers put together a quote that matches your needs and constraints throughout.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to integrate into complex plant, your lights will be perfectly tailored to suit your needs. This installation shown in Oxford hospital featured our own custom made gear trays and covers installed throughout.

Bespoke lighting installation at John Radcliffe Hospital

Calculate My Savings

Estimate the savings and payback for your own projects using our Payback Calculator. This tool allows you to customize costs to your specific operations while calculating up to three different lighting applications together in one project estimate.

Why Choose icLighting

Experienced Design Consultants

Our experienced design consultants have fitted lighting engines, retrofit luminaries and high voltage assets across international sites. Whatever the environment, our expert consultants can help.

Architectural Solutions

Our project managers fit our lights into your existing site-wide style, matching legacy assets, listed buildings and facilities, and sensitive supply and fit installations.


Specialist Emergency Lighting

We offer the best emergency systems which meet all UK and (if relevant) London fire and safety requirements. Don’t risk a non-compliant installation. Contact us and find out what your requirements are.

Solutions for Demanding Environments

Industrial solutions for demanding environments including street layouts, signage, heavy footfall areas, water prone installations and more.

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