Bespoke LED lighting solutions for businesses

Our bespoke, specialist lighting solutions are based on over 25 years industry-leading research, design and installation experience. We offer:

A tailor-made service

Complete service from designs to installation and beyond, fitting your existing environment perfectly. Our experienced account managers and designers put together a quote that matches your needs and constraints throughout.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to integrate into complex plant, your lights will be perfectly tailored to suit your needs. This installation (above) in an Oxford hospital featured our own custom made gear trays and covers installed throughout.

Our design & build services

Our own UK factory

We manufacture tailor-made LED lights and fittings in our UK factory. Our products fit into existing fixtures, including legacy and listed enclosures. We’ve designed custom-made linear lights with specialist night functions, frosted custom panels, tubing and more.

Our experienced design consultants have fitted lighting engines, retrofit luminaries and high voltage assets across international sites.

Contact us to have our advisers put together a quote.

Emergency lighting

All our designs meet or exceed UK and (where relevant) London fire and safety regulations. For the very finest emergency lighting available in the UK, we recommend the exclusive Teknoware range, durable, compliant and made to the highest standards in the world.

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