As the exclusive authorised UK distributor of Cree industrial lighting products, we provide a comprehensive lighting solutions service, from initial site survey or design reviews through to the supply and installation of lighting options for the industrial sector.

To offer the most dependable LED lighting products on the market, we supply only Cree luminaires to deliver high quality, robust, affordable and outstanding LED lighting. The ‘total systems’ approach developed by Cree incorporates advanced systems design and manufacturing, for optimised long lasting and energy saving LED performance year after year.

Our team have been providing specialist lighting products and solutions for years, focusing on implementing bespoke solutions for customers based on individual requirements. Our premium products, technical knowledge, experience, and exceptional customer service uniquely combine to deliver only the very best in LED lighting across the UK.


Our Suppliers

icLighting authorised distributor of CREE LED lighting solutions

icLighting is proud to have been appointed as CREE Europe UK distributor in August 2013.

CREE is considered to be the world leading LED manufacturer. CREE manufactured LED light fittings have the unique advantage of being built by Cree using their own LED chips.

All Cree manufactured luminaires have a pedigree of Cree to the core and are not to be confused with 3rd party products using just their chips. The difference is vitally important to the luminaires performance and longevity. CREE‘s modern lighting LED lamps should not be confused with poor imitations.

Manufactured by CREE in their own production factories, CREE LED lights benefit from the world’s most developed R&D LED department, spending over $250m yearly, resulting in an astonishing range of LED lighting products delivering you an outstanding performance underwritten by a comprehensive 10 year warranty.

Our business lighting solutions save money and reduce your carbon emissions.

The CREE outdoor and indoor LED lighting range including LED factory lighting, LED High Bay lights, LED Low Bay lights, LED Flood lights, LED Car Park lights, Tunnel and Office Area, provide lighting solutions for our customers giving excellent wholesale pricing for the superior performance and quality of CREE Lighting.

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icLighting's economy LED range Di-Astrum

The Di-Astrum range delivers exceptional pricing when budgets are stretched delivering excellent value.

LED lights suitable for Outdoor LED lighting, Indoor lighting, Security lighting, Factory lights, Street lighting, replacement Fluorescent lights, replacement T8 lighting, Office lights, Ceiling lights, ATEX lighting, LED Tube lights, Pendant lighting, Hazardous Lighting, Flood lighting, Garage Lighting, HighBay Lights, and Low Bay lights, Task Lighting and bespoke made to measure LED lights reaches the light other manufacturers only dream of!

The Di-Astrum range of retrofit and new LED luminaires provide you with site specific solutions

for example Prison LED lighting, Museum lighting, Tennis Court Lights, Sports Lights, ATEX Lights, and any challenging LED luminaire requirements such as T8 with CRI .93. Our Lighting products are UK made*, UK supported, and UK guaranteed delivering you a professional money saving LED lighting solution with complete peace of mind.

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icLigting's range of LED tube lights by VALTAVALO

Valtavalo range of LED T8 Tube lights deliver industry leading performance, significant energy savings and an industry leading 7 year warranty at wholesale prices.

Valtavalo’s engineers have developed a precision robotic production facility in Finland (Europe) which has allowed them to produce their outstanding T8 retrofit LED tubes to their exact specification time after time with an almost zero defect potential. These T8 LED tubes are just the best T8 LED tubes available on the market.

The independently certified performance of the LED Tubes is unsurpassed, with a 125,000 hour L70 certification delivering the only LED tube with a true 7 YEAR warranty.

Valtavalo’s engineering is so well respected that they were instrumental in helping the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), in December 2014, write the new safety standards for LED retrofit fluorescent tubes.

It’s called IEC 62776 and covers safety specifications for double-capped LED tube lights. If you want safety, money saving, peace of mind, quality light from your LED T8 tubes then there should be one choice – Valtavalo.

The Valtavalo T8 LED tube range is enhanced with CRI .93 options, Vapour proof Luminaires, Batten LED lights, Office Lights, Area Lights, Garage lights, Security lights, Task Lighting, diffused or clear the choice is yours.

Contact the icLighting team to find out more about all the features and benefits of VALTAVALO currently in stock.

icControl wireless control system for lighting

icControl is a wireless lighting control system for industrial and commercial applications.

Our wireless system gives complete control of lighting, drastically saving your money and cutting your carbon emissions. You can create your own lighting groups which then can be easily mapped into your building layout using the intuitive interface.

This allows the user to simply configure their lighting and gives full flexibility in the future should lighting patterns change.

For example, a light switch can easily control lights in different parts of the building with a simple adjustment of the settings on the control tablet without the need to run wiring or access the luminaires themselves.

When we say wireless, we mean it; easy to install, simple to use, excellent savings, full support and training given.

Contact the icLighting team for professional advice regarding your wireless lighting control system requirements