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A recent icControl installation at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
using the CREE 304 luminaire

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Suitable for any installation

Pick from any of the world's best LED lighting solutions
Our complete service from site surveys to installation and aftercare

World class security and compliance

Secure cloud-based data storage
Granular staff access control
All installations meet and exceed UK and EU regulations

Interactive monitoring

Customisable reporting and heuristics
Power consumption, fault and emergency reporting

Modular build

Motion (PIR) and heat detection
Lux level auto-detection
Grouping and granular control

Full Flexibility

A wireless icControl box in every luminaire means that each individual light can be controlled separately, or part of a group. No limit to the number of luminaires that can be controlled.

Enhanced Energy Savings

By having automatic controls and sensors enhances energy savings further, reducing your costs even more.

Unlimited Grouping

Define logical groups to dim and switch together to keep uniformity within an area. These groups can be changed at any time.

Circadian Rhythmn Control

Automatically adjust the colour of your circadian enabled lighting to provide optimum ambience and human interface. 

Daylight Controls

Integrated daylight harvesting within a group, controls day light zones to dim and increase according to light levels within an area.

Occupied / Vacancy Mode

Set the lighting levels according to whether it is occupied or not, including a time out option and security lighting mode. 

Monitor & Report

Each fitting reports its energy usage, emergency lighting status and (optionally) lamp and gear status. This can be viewed on the tablet and uploaded to the cloud via the web portal.

Automatic Recommissioning

Any component can be replaced without recommissioning. The new device will inherit the settings of the device replaced.


Open System

Compatible with all lamp types (LED, Fluorescent, HID) and all driver types (HF, DSI, DALI, 1-10v), meaning the units can be integrated with the lighting system of your choice.

“icLighting provide a great all round service for the customer. Their CREE products deliver great results.”

Peter Roberts

Senior Manufacturing Project Specialist, Caterpillar Stockton

“We haven’t had to do any maintenance of the LED lighting in the last 5 years since we’ve been working with icLighting. Before that we were having to change bulbs every two months.” 

Rengasamy Balakrishnan

Electrical Manager, ICGL

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